About this place

November 11, 2020


Hey there! How are you? Hope you are in pink of your health.

I'm Satyasree and I'm doing my Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication, Psychology and English literature.

I strongly believe in the quote

Your life only gets better when you get better.

So let's make ourselves better together in order to make our life as well as our world better.

What you can expect


Well, I'm a student and I'm a no better cook than you are! so I would like to mention simple and easy recipes which satisfy our hunger. I will be focusing on the recipes mainly which takes less time in preparation as well as fewer ingredients and Let us create electrifying moments within our family and friends.


I will be excited to share my adventures and experiences with you expecting that you would get to know about places around me also the places I visited.


we will be knowing lots of handmade gift ideas which you could gift your family, friends and relatives which are made with love moreover pocket friendly.

DIY ( Do It Yourself ) 🙌

Lots of DIYs that actually work, I mean it when I say "that actually work" because we see lots of DIYs today on the internet that actually don't work. well, we will know lots of budget-friendly DIYs more like wealth from waste and let us admire our creativity at the end of the day.


We will get to know lots of life hacks such as college hacks, hair hacks, skincare hacks, beauty hacks, clothing hacks and many more. I will be sharing the hacks which work for me on hoping that it would work for you too.


I am delighted to share the things I have learnt and the things I will be learning so that you can make the most of your time at college as well as understand many things. I will let you know the things under my perspective and I believe you can rightly judge the right ones.

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